How much energy does your country consume (electricity AND petroleum)?

  • Electricity Consumption: 35th in the World

How does your country produce electricity?

  • Ranked third in the world in electricity production behind USA and China
  • Coal: 28%, Nuclear 27%, Natural Gas 26%
  • Heavily relies on Nuclear power

Where does it obtain the raw materials needed (coal, oil, uranium etc)?

  • World’s Largest Natural Gas importer
  • Second-Largest Coal importer
  • Third-Largest net importer of crude oil and oil products
  • Reliant on Middle East
  • Limited natural resources due to island environment
  • “Japan spent about $270 billion, or around 58% more, for fossil fuel imports in the three years following the Fukushima accident”
  • Also imports Uranium (percentage and statistics unknown, but they are heavily active in the Uranium market)

What percentage of the electricity produced is considered renewable?

  • 10%

Does your country have an energy policy?

Japans energy mix to 2030 - 460 (JAIF)

  • “METI’s report calls for nuclear energy to account for 20%-22% of power generation by 2030, with 22%-24% coming from renewable energy sources, while coal’s share will be reduced to 26%, LNG’s to 27% and oil’s to just 3%.”

If so, how sustainable is the policy?

  • Possibly sustainable, but ambitious. Aims to do less imports in favor for more renewable energy methods. Requires less reliance on coal and oil, it would be difficult

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